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Situated on the south bank of the Tapi River, Surat has always attracted traders and merchants from afar. Its finely carved temples, mosques, Parsi agiaris, European tombs and colonial houses all testify to the eclectic mix of ethnic communities that continue to live in the city. Surat is first major city en route to Gujarat from Mumbai, and makes a good base to explore southern Gujarat. Surat was once renowed for its silk weaving and brocade. The city still thrives as a textile center, mainly for its polyster fabrics. As the Textile industries declined in Ahmadabad and Mumbai in the 1970s, Surat became one of Gujarat's fastest growing cities and gave rise to several small-scale industries. Surat is ranked 4th fastest growing city in the world with GDP rate at 11.5%.

Surat is India’s 8th and Gujarat’s 2nd largest city with a population of 4.5 million. Among the highest income tax paying cities in Asia in the year 2010-11, Surat contributed Rs. 22000 Million to national exchequer.

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World’s Largest Diamond Cutting & Polishing Industry

  • Major share in the world’s Diamond cutting and polishing.
  • Highest workforce of the world diamond community is in Surat employing more than 1.5 million people.
  • India’s total Diamond Export Accounts to 94675 crores (Apr 12 -Mar 13), and Surat is the major contributor in that.
  • 3500-4000 Units Functional
  • Contribution of Diamond Industry in the total Foreign Exchange of India is 14%


Country’s Biggest Man- made Textile Industry

  • Over 6Lacs Looms consuming 2700 tons of yarn per day.
  • Approximate 450 plus Processing House.
  • More than 75000 Shops in Textile Markets.
  • Over more than 40,000 wholesale Outlets.
  • Producing 30 million meters cloth per day.
  • 60% of the nation’s Man Made Fabrics are from Surat.
  • Industry employee over 1.4 million people.
  • Around 1,00,000 embroidery machines involved in value addition.
  • In Surat Textile Industries Innovative Weavers as well Traders are expanding.


Surat International Exhibition and Conventional Center – Sarsana

Food `n` Culture

Surati Locho, Khaman, Patra, Idhda, Khandwi, Pattis, Lilwa-Kachori, Ratalu Kandh, Madhi ni Khamni, Varieties of Ghari – Pista, Kesar & Malai, Jalebi – Fafda, Nankhatai, Farmas Biscuits, Seasonal Undhiyu, Seasonal Ponk, Seasonal Saalam-Paak, Varieties of Bhajiyas at Dumas Langar.


Dandi Beach, Navsari

Dumas Beach

Cemeteries, Katargam Darwaja

European Tombs 

English, Dutch and Armenian Cemeteries


Surat Castle, Chowk Bazar

Gopi Talav, Navsari Bazar

Religious Sites

Jain Temples, Gopipura

Chintamani Jain temple, Mughalisara

BAPS Swaminarayan temple, બી.એ.પી.એસ. શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણ મંદિર, Adajan

Parsi Agiari, Nanpura & Saiyedpura

Devdi Mubarak, Mazar-E-Saifee, Aljamea tus Saifiyah, Dawat Property Trust, Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat Trust, દાઉદી વોહરા જમાત ટ્રસ્ટ સુરત, Zampa Bazar

Ek Khamba Masjid, the One Pillar Mosque or Masjid-e-Quwwat-e-Islam, Rander

Museums, Citylight Road

Sardar V Patel Museum and Planetarium

Science Centre

Science Centre forms the main part of the entire complex with Museum, Art Gallery, Planetarium, Auditorium, Amphi Theater, Diamond Gallery and Fun Science. It displays thematic galleries in the field of Science and Technology. The ground floor of Science Centre showcases 3D Theater, first floor of Science Centre showcases Fun Science Exhibits and second floor of Science Centre showcases Diamond Gallery whereas entering into Space, Textile gallery, Power of Play, Cosmos Gallery and Polar Science.

Statue of Unity