Frequently Ask Questions

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General Terms and Conditions

  • - Are guests allowed in the hotel/room?
    Yes, guests are allowed in the Hotel in the company of the Hotel guests.
  • - Can children stay unaccompanied in the Hotel?
    No, and by children we mean anyone under the age of eighteen (18) years of age.
  • - Can I change my room type upon check in?
    No, you can’t. no changes can be made to your booking including changing of room type.
  • - Can I smoke in the Hotel rooms?
    No. Budget Inn Bellevue Hotel is a non-smoking Hotel. You are not permitted to smoke anywhere within the building.
  • - What should I submit when check-in?
    All Guests are required to present Address proof with photo identity issued by government.


  • - Can I cancel my booking?
    Booking cancellations MUST be done at least 3 days before the scheduled check in date. For any cancellations of bookings within 2 days of the scheduled check in time, the total payment made is deemed forfeited.
  • - Can I check in if the booking is under someone else’s name?
    No, Very sorry to say that only the person whose name and valid ID stated in the booking confirmation will be allowed to check-in.
  • - Can I make a booking on behalf of another person but pay it with my own credit card?
    Yes you can.
  • - How can I book for connecting rooms?
    You may request for connecting rooms at the time of booking and it is subject to availability.
  • - How do I cancel my booking?
    Call Hotel’s reservation desk & Inform the reference number you would like to cancel.
  • - How do I check if I have successfully made a booking?
    You will receive a confirmation / booking reference number upon successful booking after making full payment.
  • - If I am making a booking for one room for 2 persons, do I need to provide both names?
    No, you only need to provide one name at the time of booking But the person named in the booking must be present during check-in.
  • - Is there a minimal number of nights I must book?
    Minimum One (1) night.
  • - Must I print out my booking reservation?
    It is advisable to print out your booking reservation for reference and easy check in at the Hotel. If you don’t have a print out of your reservation, please confirm your booking details at the Reception Desk and provide your identification.
  • - What is the check-in and check-out time?
    Regular Check-in: 12:00 Noon
    Regular Check-out: 11:00 AM
  • - What is the maximum number of nights I can book?
    The maximum number of nights per booking is ten (10) nights. Stays exceeding 10 nights can be made by making separate bookings, or by contacting reservations.

Payment & Refund

  • - In what currency do I pay for my stay at the Hotel?
    Payment would be in Indian currency Rupees.
  • - Does Budget Inn Bellevue Hotels offer refunds?
    Budget Inn Bellevue Hotel does NOT provide any refunds.

Facilities and Services

  • - Are bed linens provided?
    Yes, all the beds come with a full set of linen (bed sheet, duvet & pillows).
  • - Are meals included in the price? Is breakfast included?
    No, meals are not included. You may however inform the various room plans like continental, American or Modified American Plan.
  • - Are the rooms air-conditioned?
    Yes all rooms are air-conditioned & are equipped with a ceiling fan. The use of air conditioning is included in the room cost.
  • - Are there electrical power points in the rooms?
    Yes, there is at least 3 electrical power point available in the room.
  • - Do I have to clean my room? Is there housekeeping service?
    Housekeeping service is provided on a fixed schedule.
  • - Do the Hotel rooms come with a telephone, television, radio, safe, mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities?
    Yes, Televisions, telephones, mini bar, tea and coffee making facilities are in the rooms.
  • - Do the rooms have windows?
    All rooms have windows and we recommend not to open the windows.
  • - Do you have parking facilities?
    Free Parking facilities is available.
  • - Does the Hotel provide additional or have extra beds available?
    Yes, the Hotel do provide additional beds.
  • - Does the Hotel provide towels, soap, shampoo etc?
    Budget Inn Bellevue Hotel provides towels, soap & shampoo.
  • - How often is cleaning of the rooms done?
    Once a day
  • - Is there a wardrobe in the room? Can I hang my clothes in the room?
    Yes, there are wardrobes in all the rooms & you can hang your clothes with the hangers provided in the wardrobes.
  • - Is there an F & B outlet in the Hotel?
    yes, there is an F & B outlet in the Hotel serving vegetarian cuisine.
  • - Is there Internet access in the Hotel?
    In-room Free WIFI is available & Free internet terminals are also available in designated areas at hotel lobbies.
  • - Is there room service in the Hotel?
    The room service is available at Budget Inn Bellevue Hotel.
  • - What are the beds like in the rooms?
    Budget Inn Bellevue Hotel rooms come with five (5) star quality Beds.
    • Single Room – 1 queen sized bed
    • Double Room – 1 queen sized bed
    • Twin Room – 2 single sized bed
    • Wheelchair Friendly Room – 1 queen sized bed


  • - How much are your room rates?
    Our room rates are not fixed. It fluctuates based on daily demand & availability. Book early with Hotel reservation desk or online to secure a low price!

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